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Husband and wife team James and Sophie Tapp come from a maritime background of pure pedigree, given a lifetime’s education with an eye for detailing, knowledge, and quality finishing.


James is a qualified yacht surveyor and designer. He has a predominantly sailing upbringing and a genuine love of the sea. He has numerous titled powerboat accolades.


Sophie has grown a reputation for ultra-high standards and is a first-class international superyacht tender refit specialist working with global design and management companies. This is undoubted, via the influence and relentless education from her Father, Mark Pascoe of Falcon Tenders, formerly Pascoe International. She has grown up around the manufacturing of superyacht tenders and high-performance boats.


Sophie and James have a keen eye for the detail that clients expect, assisted by a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen. Their friendly yet hard-working approach has meant their company’s results of completed successful projects are growing year-on-year. They collaborate with owners and numerous management and middle commercial companies with refitting projects worldwide. However, they have their refit centre here in the UK, based at Universal Marina on the shore of the River Hamble, Hampshire, UK.

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Hanger 1, Maritime Yacht Service's 8,000 sq. ft workshop and office complex, houses vessels up to 80ft in length for refit, respray and repair works.


It further cements the company’s commitment to global service. “The increasingly unpredictable weather has meant our repair and coatings ability was limited; with this expansion, we are able to engage in more extensive repairs all year round.” 


Our facility is located on the east bank of the Hamble River, Hampshire, with 24-hour access and an ideal base to explore the Solent. Enjoy tranquil riverside walks or relax and soak up the vibrant marina atmosphere. Private parking, a full-service boatyard, and dry stack facilities are available.

Clients have acclaimed that their vessels have been improved from their original specification - ‘The Perfect Anatomy’, thus justifying the commonly asked question, ‘Why should I refit over buying new?’ The condition of a well-used vessel can be deemed a ‘write-off’, but the majority of times, it never is as well as, and not forgetting, ‘sustainability’, which consists of fulfilling the requirements of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations. So, updating and refitting the anatomy of your vessel and redefining the aesthetics and powertrain, maybe to hybrid, compliments both parties.



Maritime Yacht Services has a well-recognised presence in the UK and abroad, established in 2007 amid the financial crisis and COVID-19. The business has grown exponentially over the past four years.


The company structure of Maritime Yacht Services has been demerged. Maritime [Group] is the holding company; Maritime Yacht Services, headed up by James Tapp, concentrates on the UK and commercial market under 24m, while Maritime Management,  overseen by Sophie, specialises in the superyacht market and their international tender projects.


Their new UK facilities have easy access to view the vessel during the refit project, with local airports being Southampton and Bournemouth, and London is only an hour away.  Private luxury transportation awaits. This new facility, location, and talented team are taking MYS to a new level. A passionate and experienced group of skilled craftsmen and management are committed to delivering high-quality and professional service to the UK and International markets.


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