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Antifoul services Southampton


Protecting the underwater profile of your boat is integral to a vessel's lifespan

Whether moored or stored on a dry rack, we have a protective coating for your needs. We can provide impartial advice on your vessel's existing paint and the right course of action to ensure the best results.  Our clear underwater coatings are ideal for dry stacked boats where antifouling is unsightly and impractical. Owners can expect to keep their hull stain free for longer whilst protecting against the harsh marine environment.


Antifouling can be messy, but we love it; we can prepare, supply, and apply products.

COST: One coat from £8.50/ft or two coats from £11.50/ft 

INCLUDES: Service includes mask up of water line, light preparation and repainting hull in existing colour

- POA for heavily fouled hulls

(price does not include paint or consumables)

Depending on your location and vessel type, we can advise on the various paint selection options.      

antifouling recoat
Antifoul Removal Hamble


Service available for new boat owners or commercial operators

COST: Coating from £33.50/ft

INCLUDES: The service includes masking up the new water line (the boat needs to be in the water briefly or an indicator from the manufacturer). We will key the hull, prime it, and paint it with three coats of antifoul. (Price does not include paint)   



Ceramic coating will make the surface repellent to the harsh underwater elements, and the unsightly yellowing and algae build-up will be a thing of the past.   

COST: Coating from £30.00/ft 

INCLUDES: Remove hull staining, wipe down to remove all solvents and residue, followed by a ceramic clear coat. We do recommend carrying out a machine polish on the hull before treatment to ensure maximum bond of the coatings - please add an additional £10/ft for this service. 


hull prep
Coppercoat applicators, Maritime Yacht Services



With unrivalled longevity and unbeatable value for long-term owners, its impressive performance year after year makes Coppercoat a fantastic option for keeping unwanted marine life at bay. This non-eroding epoxy-based coating is packed with 2 kilos of copper (maximum by law). Now we can Coppercoat all year round and not weather dependent due to our new unit 8,000 sqft workshop, which will take vessels up to 80ft and is temperature controlled.  

COST: Coating from £45.00/ft


INCLUDES Labour - to prepare either a new hull or an already blasted hull, apply the recommended amount of Coppercoat, including patches from the initial block off, and expose copper with wet and dry paper before launch. Price excludes Coppercoat material, consumables, boat lift, and antifoul removal. 

  SAXDOR 320 - COPPERCOAT AND POLISH                                                                   TRADER 575 - REFIT PROJECT


If sandblasting is not for you then we have an alternative.    

COST: Removal from £45/ft

INCLUDES:  A labour-intensive service that removes the previously applied antifoul using diamond-cut hand scrapers and extractors. The vessel is then ready to be sanded for its primer or Coppercoat application. Surface sanding is charged separately. This is a much gentler process on the gel coat and does not break through the surface, meaning you will not need to epoxy primer as blasting requires.    

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