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Over the years, we have perfected the high-quality work that owners expect from a detailing service. Whether you own an 18ft bowrider or a 100ft yacht, you can be assured that we will advise you of the best options to suit your requirements and ensure your vessel looks its best.  Maritime Yacht Services offer valeting and polishing options depending on a vessel's current condition.  



Suitable for boats that need a quick wash-off after a weekend's boating or customers who have their vessel cleaned regularly. This is a great cost-effective solution, we also offer a monthly service.  Step off your boat knowing the build-up of salt and frustrating black streaks will be taken care of. 

COST: from £3.50/ft

INCLUDES: Soapy wash, rinse off, pressure wash of deck or light scrub of teak. Windows, stainless and all surfaces chamois. Flybridge or cockpit areas included.    


Suitable for boats that may have been neglected for several months or longer. It can be used for pre-handovers or by those that simply expect the best from every clean. We offer a monthly service. 

COST: from £6.00/ft

INCLUDES: Hot soapy wash, deck scrub, teak scrub, wash off, (including hull down to waterline), stainless steel and window polish, lockers cleaned, removal of all possible marks, vinyl cushions cleaned and protected.



Spruce up the interior of your boat with our intense interior valet. Available as a one-off service or combine it with an external clean and make a monthly commitment to keep your asset looking great and avoid premature depreciation.  

COST: From £2.50/ft

INCLUDES: Vacuum/mop all internal floors, air all rooms on the boat, polish all internal surfaces, clean fridge and galley, dust and clean cabins, bathrooms sanitised and clean, beds remade.



We can offer a professional cleaning and coating service for your sails, covers, small marques and corporate umbrellas.  Eradicating general dirt, green algae, staining and mildew before coating with the latest in proofing and protection products removing:     

Green Algae     Mildew      Rust Stains      Acidic Pollution     Salt Crystals     Food & Beverage Stains     Waterproofing and UV Coatings

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